Airframe Services
Tripartite agreement

In June, HAECO Hong Kong and HAECO Xiamen entered into a tripartite General Terms Agreement (GTA) with Sino Jet Management Ltd. (Sino Jet) under which HAECO Group will provide Sino Jet with world-class, comprehensive airframe services at the Group’s facilities in Hong Kong and Xiamen. The signing of the GTA follows HAECO’s successful completion of a B-Check on a Boeing 737-700 Business Jet managed by Sino Jet.


Mr Paul Kwok, Sino Jet’s General Manager of Maintenance, said: “We are delighted to be working with HAECO. The comprehensive airframe services that HAECO offers ensure the efficient and reliable operation of our fleet.”


HAECO Group is equipped to provide one-stop-shop solutions for its business jet customers, including turnkey cabin completion services through its Private Jet Solutions division.