Company Events
Good housekeeping achievement

In January, HAESL won the Silver Award in Hong Kong’s Good Housekeeping Competition 2015-16. This annual campaign is jointly organised by the Occupational Safety and Health Council and the Construction Industry Council, with the aim of motivating Hong Kong companies to implement good housekeeping measures to keep their employees safe and healthy in the workplace. On “Good Housekeeping Day” - 5 January 2016 - HAESL representatives attended the awards presentation ceremony at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre to share best practices and experiences with fellow participants. 


HAESL has adopted the “5S” housekeeping method of Sort, Straighten, Sweep, Standardise and Self-Discipline, as an effective management tool to maintain and sustain a tidy workplace in order to prevent occupational injuries and enhance staff morale. The 5S method has been integrated into various areas of HAESL’s business operations, from storing small hand tools to management of bulky engine parts. The introduction of the “Point-Of-Use Tooling” approach keeps only essential tools on-hand in the Phase 4 workshop, with additional tools quickly and efficiently retrieved from a storage area, using a system of order forms and tool photos to locate them. A customised storage rack has been installed for storing bulky engine parts, with similar mechanisms in place to ensure they can also be easily located and retrieved. The new storage features a fail-safe design to prevent possible staff or mechanical injuries.  


The award is a recognition of HAESL’s ongoing efforts in upholding “5S” best practices and the company is committed to further integrating “5S” into their daily operational routines.