Cabin Solutions
New headrest unveiled

HAECO Cabin Solutions has launched the ArcTM headrest.


Featuring the industry’s first double hinge system, it is the company’s latest innovative contribution to passenger comfort technology, and has been designed to give superior head and neck support, as compared with static and articulating headrests currently on the market.


The ArcTM headrest follows the contours of the head, using a patent-pending, five-segment, articulating-joint cushion system, which gently cradles the head in a natural resting position during flight. With its dual articulating panels and adjustable tilt and height, the ArcTM headrest forms a seamless 180-degree curve around passengers’ heads, offering increased comfort levels without compromising recline or requiring pitch adjustments.


Launched at the AIX 2017 in April, the ArcTM headrest is a selectable feature on HAECO’s Vector family of seating, in single and twin-aisle Economy, Premium Economy and single-aisle Premium Class (Business/First). As a standalone product, the headrest can also be retrofitted onto existing seat platforms, eliminating the need for costly full-seat overhaul or replacement. As such, the new ArcTM headrest offers aircraft owners and operators the opportunity to elevate cabin service levels and enhance passenger experience with minimal operator investment. The innovative new headrest was shortlisted for the Crystal Cabin Award at AIX.