Cabin Solutions
New cabin stowage solutions

With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, commercial airlines in the United States were forced to restrict some scheduled flights to cargo only. At the same time, social distancing directives were being instituted nationwide. Recognising the immediate needs of airlines, HAECO Cabin Solutions quickly developed new, certifiable devices that allow airlines to carry cargo and passengers at the same time, while optimising passenger and cargo yield, using packages to distance passengers, and maintaining proper weight and balance requirements.


Four unique solutions were moved from concept to offerable in less than a month and will be certified through a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC). A palletised variant holds up to 1000 lbs of cargo; an all-in-one seat frame can hold 500 lbs, while seat and floor storage systems each hold up to 240 lbs. These solutions give airlines specific load authorisations and the option of carrying larger items other than hazardous materials in the aircraft cabin in addition to its hold.


The solutions build upon existing seating and interior technologies and can be delivered in four to six weeks. Variants can be combined for both single and twin-aisle aircraft to achieve an ideal operational payload. The installation process follows techniques used for economy seating, which can be accomplished quickly and without the need for special tools.


HAECO Cabin Solutions is pleased to offer a quick, cost-effective solution for its customers to maximise yields during this challenging time.