Moving towards a paperless HAECO

As one of the leading players in the aircraft engineering industry, HAECO knows that to meet the challenges set by today’s competitive MRO industry, seamless integration of information technology into its production flow is essential to increasing productivity and reducing costs. 


Until relatively recently, very few portable or handheld devices have made their way into MRO work flows. The recent adoption of tablet computers and smartphones at HAECO represents a giant leap forward in an industry traditionally characterised by labour-intensive processes and tedious documentation.


HAECO’s efforts to exploit mobile technology have so far focused mainly on facilitating paperless operations, with the goal of gradually eliminating hard copies from most of the company’s production work flows. HAECO’s Line Services division was selected to be the subject of a pilot project and a Line Services Mobile App was launched in the second quarter of 2015. Initially, the app will provide real-time work-related information for HAECO Line Services staff, enabling them to use their handheld devices to keep up-to-date with flight information, maintenance project details, tools on loan, airport weather and more. HAECO staff will also have access to leave application and technical training information through a dedicated app. In future phases, the Line Services mobile app will deliver additional information and services, including real-time distribution of ramp staff and equipment, online work assignment for engineers and real-time access for customers. HAECO is exploring opportunities with a number of customers to remove paper and to avoid double data entry in daily operations through system integration. 


In the future, HAECO will continue to introduce mobile solutions in other areas of its operations, such as light checks, production planning, inventory technical management and logistics management. Our aim is to realise time and cost benefits through on-time and proactive action, better communication and coordination, that will enable us to pass on savings to our customers.