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STAECO earns high praise for wing rear spar splice repair

In March, STAECO successfully completed a wing rear spar splice repair on a Boeing 737CL aircraft. To date, STAECO has performed this repair on seven Boeing 737CL aircraft, demonstrating the company’s strong capabilities and established reputation for performing this difficult repair job.


The rear spar is the major support structure on an aircraft wing. The wing rear spar splice repair is a complicated procedure, with the work scope including the removal of structures adjacent to the rear spar and gaining access to the fuel tank interior, before removal of the rear spar itself, fabrication of repair parts and installation of fasteners and seals. In April 2014, STAECO became the first MRO in Asia to successfully perform a wing rear spar upper chord splice repair. Last September, STAECO performed a rear spar web crack repair and came up with a web double splice repair scheme proposal that was approved and also highly commended by The Boeing Company.