Private Jet Solutions
New “Xiao Yao” cabin design concept

In April, HAECO Private Jet Solutions (HAECO PJS) unveiled a new concept in cabin design for Boeing Business Jet 2 (BBJ2) at the Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition 2015 in Shanghai.   


The “Xiao Yao” concept takes its inspiration from the first chapter of the classical Chinese masterpiece ‘Zhuangzi’. The Layout of Passenger Accommodation (LOPA) adopts Feng Shui principles used in traditional Chinese architecture, with the bedrooms, lounge and welcome area strategically located in the BBJ cabin so as to provide a free and gentle flow of auspicious “qi” in the cabin. The “Xiao Yao” cabin has been designed to generate and retain maximum “qi”, with the various living areas within the cabin symbolising different aspects of an “ideal” landscape, with a gentle stream circulating between them. The design also incorporates the "Wu Xing" - Five Elements - of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. According to Chinese astrology, every person has their own unique "Wu Xing" profile and the basic cabin design can be tailored to the requirements of each customer by the use of different colours, shapes and materials. 


As the first and only Airbus-approved and Boeing-licensed cabin completion centre in Asia for private jets, HAECO PJS’s innovative “Xiao Yao” design demonstrates the company’s creativity and innovation, as well as its attention to quality and detail.