Sustainable Development
HAECO supports kit aircraft project for good cause

HAECO has undertaken and supported many sophisticated aircraft overhaul and modification projects in its day, the latest being Hong Kong’s first locally-assembled kit plane. The project was initiated and privately funded by Cathay Pacific pilot Hank Cheng, who flies Boeing 777s.


The Van’s RV-8 kit plane, which has a wing span of 7.34 metres, took Hank six years of leisure time, HK$1.5 million and voluntary help from 200 secondary school students to assemble. HAECO supported Hank’s mammoth undertaking by lending him a corner of its maintenance hangar to work on the project. A number of HAECO staff members participated as technical advisors, including Alfred Poon, Assistant General Manager, Technical Services.


Upon obtaining the necessary licences, Hank hopes to take the aircraft on a world tour, crossing Mainland China, Russia, America, Europe, the Middle East, India, Cambodia and Thailand to raise money for charity.