Fleet Technical Management
Interview with Cebu Pacific
Interviewee: Mr. Alex Reyes, General Manager, Long Haul Division


Q. Cebu Pacific appointed HAECO to provide Inventory Technical Management (ITM) and Fleet Technical Management (FTM) services for its A330-300 fleet earlier this year; can you tell us why Cebu Pacific chose to work with the HAECO Group?  


A. Cebu Pacific chose HAECO in order to tap into the expertise that it has built up with the Airbus A330. The efficiencies resulting from the sharing of parts inventories and HAECO's strong technical capabilities, enable Cebu Pacific to continue providing low fares on long haul routes. Headquatered in Hong Kong, the HAECO Group has been providing maintenance services to the world's largest Airbus A330 fleets for leading airlines in the Asia-Pacific region.


Q. Can you share with us your experience of working with the HAECO Group so far?


A. Working with the HAECO Group has been very easy for us because of their team's dedication to providing high quality service with great reliability and professionalism.


Q. What are the operational and cost benefits of having the HAECO Group manage the component pool and maintenance of a relatively new aircraft type in your fleet?  


A. Since the majority of their pool spare parts are warehoused in Hong Kong, HAECO's geographical proximity has been critical in the efficient transport of pool spare parts to Manila.


Q. What challenges is Cebu Pacific facing? How do you see the role of the HAECO Group in helping Cebu Pacific overcome some of these challenges?


A. Ensuring we are able to identify required parts quickly is among the airline's challenges. HAECO ITM's extensive experience in parts sourcing including those that are not available in the parts pooling list, helps us address this challenge.