Sustainable Development
Food waste recycling

Since completing the government’s Food Waste Recycling Partnership Scheme in July, Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Limited (HAESL) has been looking for ways to make further improvements in tackling food waste. As canteen users have become accustomed to separating food waste, the company decided to take a step further by partnering with a local food waste recycler to collect the waste and recycle it to make fish and other animal feed. Since commencing the partnership in August, HAESL has recycled 7,675 kg of food waste, which represents a reduction of 1,728 kg in carbon dioxide equivalent emissions. 


Meanwhile, HAESL staff members are being encouraged to take the following steps to help reduce food waste:  

  • to take only what they can consume;
  • to separate non-biodegradable waste;
  • to influence others to do the same.