Technical Training
Training collaboration

In July, 41 students from Dah Yung Senior High School in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, attended CCAR-147 Basic Skills Training (Module 7 Maintenance Practices) at HAECO Xiamen’s Technical Training facility. Amongst the students, 18 had taken the first part of the training course in 2014 and completed the second part in July. All of them successfully obtained a CCAR-147 Basic Skills Training Certificate. The remaining 23 students have completed the first part of their training this year and will continue the course in 2016.  


The collaboration between HAECO Xiamen Technical Training and Dah Yung Senior High School began in 2013. To date, HAECO Xiamen has provided five-day study trip courses for 65 students, and CCAR-147 Basic Skills Training for 41 students. A further 148 students from Dah Yung will attend CCAR-147 Basic Skills Training courses at HAECO Xiamen from 2016 to 2018.


HAECO Xiamen has collaborated with other Taiwanese high schools to provide professional aircraft engineering training for students. In July, the company received its first intake of 16 students from Chia-Yang High School for a five-day study trip course.  In view of the strong demand, HAECO Xiamen Technical Training will be exploring other opportunities to provide training services to educational institutions in Taiwan.