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“Inspiration” takes flight

On 15 November, the B-KOO “Inspiration” – the first homebuilt RV-8 aircraft constructed, registered and certified in Hong Kong - took off from Hong Kong International Airport, for its inaugural flight, with Cathay Pacific pilot and project leader, Hank Cheng at the controls. Some 170 guests, including senior management from Cathay Pacific and HAECO Group, students from St. Paul’s Convent School (Secondary Section), as well as media, joined Hank and witnessed the remarkable moment of his inaugural flight. A celebration event was held at HAECO Hong Kong’s hangar after the inaugural flight.


The B-KOO “Inspiration” project commenced in 2008, and is aimed at encouraging young people to develop an interest in aviation and promote Hong Kong’s aviation industry. HAECO provided technical support to the project covering avionics, composite, engine installation, tooling and painting. Upon completing the test flight and obtaining the necessary licences, Hank plans to take the aircraft on a world tour in summer 2016.