Sustainable Development
Improvement Journey to Enterprise Excellence

In January, HAECO Hong Kong held a ceremony to celebrate the success of its "Improvement Journey to Enterprise Excellence" programme. Nine business cells were awarded "Gold" status - the highest recognition level within the HAECO Centre of Excellence (CoE) framework.


The CoE framework is an integral part of HAECO's Improvement Journey to Enterprise Excellence. Launched in 2011, the improvement journey framework was developed with the intention of driving sustainable, continuous improvement to further enhance HAECO's service delivery to our customers. The framework incorporates core elements from Lean, Six Sigma and Total Quality Management (TQM) business methodology tools, initially commencing with "operational basics", such as workplace organisation (5S), visual management, asset care programmes and performance management, and then extending to larger-scale, cross-functional process improvement projects.


Gold status cells have to demonstrate that they have developed robust and continuous improvement systems to consistently meet/exceed business objectives and KPIs and have delivered a "step change" process improvement project that has delivered tangible value to either Safety, Operational Performance or enhanced Customer Service Delivery. Attaining Gold status is recognition of the cell's consistency, commitment and perseverance in utilising, and making the best use of the HAECO Group Improvement Journey Framework.


During the recognition ceremony, Augustus Tang, HAECO Group CEO, commented: "As I have said on many occasions, it is absolutely vital for HAECO to make progress on our continuous improvement journey every single day. We must consistently enhance our business processes to ensure we deliver exceptional service to our customers. I am very pleased that when we look at the cells that have achieved Gold status and the projects that are being delivered, this programme is having a direct, positive impact on our key performance indicators. This is a very happy moment for me and I'm pretty sure the same goes for the whole team."