Sustainable Development
Recycling awareness

In June, staff from HAESL visited the Hong Kong Association of Youth Development’s “Missing Link – Polyfoam Recycling Centre” at Tsuen Wan to learn how individuals can contribute to environmental protection through polyfoam recycling.


The HAESL team learned about the objectives of the Polyfoam Recycling Scheme, the recycling process and the difficulties involved, before visiting a local market to collect different types of used polyfoam materials, including fruit nets and containers. The team then put their knowledge into practice, sorting the polyfoam by type and removing tapes and labels prior to recycling. The day concluded with a role-play exercise on the subject “who should be responsible for polyfoam waste?” providing an opportunity for the team to have an in-depth discussion about polyfoam issues in Hong Kong.


To enhance staff awareness of waste reduction and recycling, HAESL has recently set up a polyfoam collection point at its facility. All polyfoam collected will be sent to the Polyfoam Recycling Centre to be transformed into useful materials.