Base Maintenance
Drone-assisted aircraft inspection trial

In December last year, HAECO Xiamen successfully conducted a drone-assisted aircraft inspection trial at its facilities. The trial involved close coordination with the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), Xiamen Airport, Xiamen Air Traffic Management Station and other local authorities.


Drones provide a safe, accurate and efficient tool to assist in aircraft visual inspection outside the hangars. They are especially useful for assessing areas such as the vertical and horizontal stabilisers and the upper surfaces of the fuselage and wings, providing a high-definition, traceable visual record of the aircraft exterior when required. HAECO Xiamen has developed a set of approved general technical instructions and operating procedures for drone-assisted aircraft inspection operated by licensed staff. The drones, fitted with the latest collision avoidance technology, are programmed to operate at a predefined distance from the aircraft surfaces and within predefined geofences, to ensure safe operations.


As a leading MRO service provider, HAECO Xiamen is committed to enhancing its services by designing innovative solutions through the application of technology.