Sustainable Development
Outstanding improvement initiative earns recognition

HAECO Xiamen has received the “Most Impressive” award for a second consecutive year from the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE), at Japan’s Nationwide Quality Control (QC) Circle Conference in Kanazawa.


The winning team of six, from HAECO Xiamen’s Planning Department, developed from scratch a database and software programme to assist in the identification, reverse transcription and compilation of records of airframe maintenance work for one of the company’s anchor airline customers. The task is now fully automated and the time required to complete it has been reduced by an impressive 99%.


First introduced in 2014, QC Circles are one of HAECO Xiamen’s most important improvement initiatives, as part of its continuous pursuit of operational excellence in service delivery. Frontline staff are encouraged to brainstorm ideas that may improve their work processes in terms of occupational health and safety, environmental impact, cost efficiency and quality. They will then develop these ideas in a structured manner through the use of QC tools. The winning team had beaten more than 120 QC Circles within HAECO Xiamen itself to qualify for the competition in Japan.