Freighter Conversion
New capability

In January, STAECO became the first MRO in Mainland China to obtain approval from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) to perform freighter conversions on Boeing 737-800 aircraft.


China has been one of the major markets for the Boeing 737-800 since the launch of this aircraft type in the late 1990s. As the large number of 737-800 aircraft have started to age, the demand for Passenger-to-Freighter (PTF) conversion has grown.


STAECO entered into a partnership with Boeing in 2017, becoming one of the aircraft manufacturer’s designated service providers licensed to convert Boeing 737-800 passenger aircraft to Boeing 737-800 BCF. Since then, STAECO has performed its first Boeing 737-800 BCF modification for an Algerian airline, earning recognition from the customer.


Obtaining CAAC approval for Boeing 737-800 PTF conversion will stand STAECO in good stead to become a significant player in the domestic market in the years to come.