Inventory Technical Management
Innovative packaging

HAECO ITM has recently introduced a new packaging policy, with the aim of providing better protection for aircraft components, while streamlining logistics to reduce time and costs.


The idea first came up during last year, when HAECO ITM launched an initiative to introduce standardised packaging for its various suppliers, stores and logistics service providers, in order to better utilise storage space and reduce risk of damage to components. The aim was also to ensure minimal risk of injury to personnel, when handling bulky items.


The HAECO ITM team worked closely with suppliers to create an innovative container design that replaces the traditional wooden crate with synthetic fibre board to reduce weight, wraps the corners of the container with metal to increase durability, and adopts Air Transport Association Specification 300 (ATA Spec 300) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) D3951-10 standards to ensure quality. The final product is the ATA Container, which combines optimal dimensions, reusable materials and ergonomic design to facilitate courier handling.


The first generation ATA Container is currently being used mainly for aircraft slides, but HAECO ITM is gradually introducing ATA Containers suitable for packing other components, including braking-steering control units (BSCU), power driver units (PDU) and air data inertial reference units (ADIRU). The new containers have reduced shipment weight by nearly 20%, resulting in a significant reduction in logistics costs – and also a reduction in HAECO ITM’s carbon footprint. The standard-size containers are easy to stack in the warehouse, and the user-friendly design also enhances occupational safety when staff are handling bulky items.


HAECO ITM has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers, logistics partners and employees, encouraging the team to work on developing new container designs for additional components, so as to further improve storage and logistics efficiency.