Technical Training
Expanded training network

In February, STAECO’s technical training centre in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Aviation Engineering Training Centre, obtained CCAR-66 certification as an approved examination site from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).


To meet growing technical training needs in the domestic aviation industry, STAECO has expanded its training network across China in recent years. In addition to its training facility in Jinan, the company has set up training centres in Hangzhou and Rizhao. With a dedicated team of 30 instructors, STAECO’s three training facilities can provide CCAR147 training covering 13 aircraft types, as well as CCAR147 project repair training in three categories. The Jinan and Hangzhou training facilities also provide CAAC-approved examination services. STAECO provides training courses for more than 3,000 students annually, including in-house and external customers.