Company Events
HAECO showcases new products at AIX 2019

In April, HAECO Group took part in the annual Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX), held in Hamburg.


This year, HAECO Cabin Solutions unveiled an array of new products including the Eclipse Cabin, the new generation of VectorTM seating platform - Vector Economy V2 and Vector Premium V2 - and a bar/galley complex with innovative door hinges that maximise the tight spaces on aircraft.


A number of cabin structures were integrated into the two-storey HAECO booth, including the Airbus A320 Centerline Ceiling Stowage launched at last year’s show, as well as class dividers and stowage units - highlighting the company’s wide range of capabilities. The diverse product lines on display reflect HAECO’s collaborations with Harper Engineering Company, Astronics Corporation, SEKISUI SPI and Core Technology Molding Corporation announced earlier this year.


AIX 2019 marked HAECO Cabin Solutions’ most successful exhibition to date. During the three-day event, the number of visitors to the booth increased by 61%, and the number of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and airline senior executive visitors was more than double that of last year.


The event attracted over 16,000 key aviation decision makers and over 550 exhibitors from around the world this year.