Line Maintenance
Digitalising transit checks

HAECO Hong Kong has introduced an electronic task card solution for use during aircraft transit checks at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). The digital transformation has already proved its worth in enhancing the Line Maintenance division’s operational efficiency and is another step towards paperless operations.


The Electronic Lesser Check-Sheet (eLCS) system has integrated with HAECO’s Enterprise Resource Planning system to enable engineers to create, issue and sign digital check-sheets using mobile devices. It ensures each task on a check-sheet is signed off by authorised personnel before it is submitted to the customer. The system automatically triggers an alert message if the check-sheet for a particular flight has not been completed within the designated timeframe.


Lesser checks are performed on turnaround flights at HKIA, meaning real-time data management is essential to meet highly dynamic operational needs while in transit. In the past, paper check-sheets were used by engineers and mechanics. The check-sheets had to be reprinted to accommodate changes in check type or aircraft. The technical personnel stamped, signed and recorded their comments on the check-sheet manually, meaning handwritten data could be liable to misinterpretation, the process was time-consuming, and the use of paper was wasteful.


The eLCS have now been rolled out across the Cathay Pacific Airways and Air Hong Kong fleets. It is estimated the launch of the eLCS system has saved more than 100,000 sheets of paper annually. It has also paved the way towards digitalising other maintenance documents at HAECO, with the aim of enhancing operational efficiency in an environmentally friendly manner.