Sustainable Development
Extended commitment

Swire, the parent company of HAECO, has recently injected an additional HK$150 million into TrustTomorrow, an initiative launched in 2020 by its philanthropic arm Swire Group Charitable Trust (Swire Trust), to fund around 30 inspirational community projects over a period of one to three years.


The extended support will boost Swire Trust’s charitable efforts in Education, Marine Conservation and the Arts, the three focus areas within the TrustTomorrow initiative. The 30 new projects will contribute to providing equal opportunities for vulnerable groups to flourish, empowering youth through education and training, and conserving Hong Kong’s marine ecosystem for future generations.


Collectively, the projects serve to fulfil Swire Trust’s vision of building a diverse and inclusive Hong Kong. The projects will involve partnerships with around 30 non-profits and change-makers from the social sector. Many of them will require collaborative efforts with NGO partners, thereby building synergies between different projects for greater impact.


Swire believes that the new projects, under the TrustTomorrow initiative, drive lasting and positive change in the Hong Kong community.