Sustainable Development
HAECO Ethnicity Network and Ethnicity Day

HAECO has pledged to build a workplace where people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds are respected and encouraged to collaborate and contribute to the company. With this vision, the HAECO Ethnicity Network was established earlier this year.


On 5 November, the HAECO Ethnicity Network organised its first ever Ethnicity Day, with the objective of promoting ethnic diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Staff were introduced to the role and mission of the Network and were able to participate in a quiz about different ethnic groups, volunteer for the Buddy System, and enjoy snacks from around the world. The HAECO Ethnicity Network also took the opportunity to celebrate the Indian festival of Diwali.


The HAECO Ethnicity Network aims to enhance employees’ awareness, provide support to all HAECO staff, and foster an inclusive environment for all ethnicities. It will also work closely with other organisations and stakeholders to promote diversity and inclusion in the wider Hong Kong community, so that all ethnicities are respected and treated equally.