Sustainable Development
Disability inclusion

Disability inclusion is one of the Diversity and Inclusion focus areas identified by HAECO’s parent company, the Swire group. The revised HAECO Group Values emphasise our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion. Putting commitment into action, HAECO Hong Kong has become an advanced member of CareER Association, a local charity organisation supporting the career development of people with disabilities.


In August, HAECO Group’s Human Resources Department’s Diversity and Inclusion office guided different departments from HAECO Hong Kong in completing CareER’s Disability Inclusion Index assessment. Subsequently, HAECO Hong Kong’s policies and efforts in supporting employees with disabilities were reviewed. CareER’s comprehensive assessment tools helped the company build a roadmap of measurable and tangible actions towards better workplace disability inclusion.


In October, HR’s Talent & Partnership team took part in the Inclusive Recruitment Fair and CareER Disability Inclusion Index Dissemination Ceremony. The Inclusive Recruitment Fair provides an opportunity for employers to meet talented potential employees with disabilities and better understand their needs. The Disability Inclusion Index Dissemination Ceremony provided general patterns for workplace disability inclusion for the 20 local companies that took part in the Index assessment. The Disability Inclusion Index helped benchmark HAECO against other businesses in terms of disability inclusion. With the resources provided by CareER, HAECO is equipped to increase its efforts in the areas of diversity and inclusion, in order to provide an inclusive, open and trusting environment for all employees.