Component Services
Making a positive difference

At HAECO, we are committed to making a positive impact on the communities in which we operate. To support a local school in need of IT equipment, HAECO Composite Services in Jinjiang recently donated eight desktop computers and five printers.


Before the donation, Shantou Primary School at Neikeng in Jinjiang didn’t have a printer and only had a few dated computers. The new IT equipment from HAECO Composite Services will enable teachers to prepare digital teaching materials, which will enhance the learning experience for students.


“As a responsible corporate citizen of Jinjiang, we are very pleased to make this donation to support our local community. HAECO Composite Services will be keeping in touch with the school about their teaching and learning needs so we can offer suitable support,” said Kenny Xu, Human Resources Manager of HAECO Composite Services.


The company will be donating an additional 250 desks and chairs over the next few months, as well as organising activities such as a company visit and English lessons, to help further enrich the students’ lives and widen their horizons.