Sustainable Development
HAECO promotes environmental awareness

To mark World Environment Day, HAECO ITM and HAECO Hong Kong have organised various green activities to promote environmental protection. In line with this year’s theme of “Only one earth”, HAECO ITM colleagues were invited to bring a small plant for their desk in an effort to improve air quality and create a calmer workspace. A workshop was also held to exchange ideas for future projects and environmental protection actions.


Ms Rachel Deng, Supplier Relationship Manager from Inventory Technical Management, said: “I am honoured to be part of the HAECO ITM’s sustainable development committee and witnessing the active engagement of the workshop exchanging ideas in how to turn the office greener. I look forward to our next session for more ideas.”


The event raised awareness of the day, allowing more people to drive change and make an impact together.


Mr. William Arblaster, Executive General Manager from Inventory Technical Management, said: “BYOP is just the start, HAECO ITM is committed to raise awareness on the importance on environmental protection. We will continue to introduce more events and initiatives. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this event, remember, a small effort can make a big difference.”


Over at HAECO Hong Kong, employees were encouraged to consume less and share more by donating unwanted items to others would re-use their goods. Some 500 items were collected for HAECO Bazaar with 80% of them picked up by our employees for reuse and the remaining donated to local charities. More than 300 colleagues participated in the event.


“The Bazaar served as a wonderful platform for HAECO colleagues to give away pre-loved goods and also be able to pick a useful find for themselves too. In the goods we collected, we found approximately 20% of them were brand-new. We urge everyone including colleagues to think twice before purchasing new items to avoid generating unnecessary waste, “ said Mr. Patrick Wong, Executive General Manger of Line Maintenance.


Mr. Thomas Yeung, Technical Publication Associate from Technical Services was delighted to participate in this special event. He donated a torch and also brought home other useful items. “It’s a great reminder of the active role each of us can play in protecting our earth,” he added.