Base Maintenance
Robot Workers

As part of HAECO’s ongoing commitment to enhancing safety and efficiency, the company continually invests in the latest technology to drive quality and performance. Our latest transformational project has involved converting our materials management warehouse in Hong Kong into a fully automated facility. Six robots now handle inventory and logistics at the warehouse, working 24 hours a day, through 18 shelves and over 3,900 trays of components.


To celebrate their deployment, a special event was held on 24 August, so that staff could watch the new robots in action. A competition to name the new automated workforce was also held and the robots have now been named influenced by HAECO's Vision, Mission, and Values.


Equipment Maintenance Engineer, CH Wong, who came up with the winning names, said he took his inspiration from HAECO’s Vision, Mission, and Values: “HAECO has always made safety its priority, but also focuses on quality, integrity, teamwork, innovative and efficiency. The robots will work together with HAECO staff to provide enhanced services to our customers and other stakeholders,” he added.


The robotic "goods-to-person" logistics system aims to significantly improve HAECO’s storage density, picking and sorting accuracy, operational efficiency, and general warehouse environment. Speaking at the staff event, Carol Chan, General Manager of Materials Management, thanked the staff involved for their support and hard work and said she was very proud of their diligence and teamwork in making this transformation such a success: “The robot solution not only provides a safer working environment for our staff, but also enhances efficiency, which will improve our service levels and benefit customers”.


HAECO Hong Kong has also recently introduced new disinfection robots equipped with UV-light grippers to sanitize the surfaces of staff training classroom furniture overnight, in order to minimise disruption for employees.