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2022 HAECO Group Graduate Trainees

The HAECO Group Graduate Trainee Programme aims to grow and develop talented graduates from diverse backgrounds to become future leaders: providing fast-track career development in HAECO’s 16 operating companies worldwide. We offer our Graduate Trainees opportunities to work in important areas, such as sustainable development, lean and continuous improvement, digitalisation, and diversity and inclusion. Through structured rotations across different core functions and a 70-20-10 approach to learning and development, we aim to give our trainees the career foundations that will enable them to become well-rounded future leaders in the aviation sector.


“HAECO’s Graduate Trainee Programme was extremely attractive to me for a multitude of reasons. As I was interviewing for different jobs and hearing from companies, I was conducting a great deal of research on each company's core values and their goals for the future. HAECO's emphasis on sustainable development and its commitment to their employees, the surrounding community and the environment drew me in. Getting to know the people at HAECO throughout the interview process, sealed the deal for me. I felt like I was seen, heard, and valued. The programme is a professional opportunity for me to learn and grow through hands-on experience while being surrounded by the best and brightest in the aviation industry!”, said Katie Wyatt, a Graduate Trainee working at HAECO Americas.


Kunzhi Lin, who works for HAECO Xiamen, said: “I joined HAECO in July this year as a Graduate Trainee working for HAECO Engine Services (Xiamen). Before joining HAECO, I knew that it is a world-leading MRO group, which cares about the long-term development of its employees. I visited HAECO Xiamen when I was young and since then, I’ve wanted to join the HAECO family. The HAECO Graduate Trainee programme allows me to learn from very knowledgeable managers in various departments, keeping me motivated. I look forward to developing my career and sharing my values at HAECO”.


Devanshee Mishra, working at HAECO Hong Kong, says the city has been an aviation hub for many decades and she sees great opportunities in the industry. “I came to Hong Kong for my undergraduate studies in 2018 and over the course of my study, I developed a stronger interest in aviation. The Graduate Trainee programme at HAECO was a perfect way to kick-start my career because it offers great structure, numerous avenues to learn and grow, and the chance to look up to some of the best in the industry as mentors! HAECO has a rich heritage of over 70 years but aims towards continuous improvement and moving with the times by using technology and innovation. Coming from a technical background, the pool of opportunities this creates is especially exciting to me. I look forward to many years and achieving many milestones at HAECO!”