Cabin Solutions
Vector Light and Vector Premium to debut on Spirit Airlines

The new Vector Light and Vector Premium seating products manufactured by HAECO Cabin Solutions will be launched on Spirit Airlines’ 33 new Airbus A320 aircraft in 2023.


With new seat technology unlocking previously unused space, each seat will gain half an inch in width and two inches of knee space. Together with a curved seatback design, more cushion and a new headrest, the seats offer more comfort and an enhanced travelling experience for passengers.


"Our cabin refresh in 2019 offered a significant enhancement to guest experience, and these new seats are another step forward in adding value for our guests. We're providing new features, while continuing to provide more “go” with our ultra-low fares," said Lania Rittenhouse, Vice President of Guest Experience, Brand, and Communications for Spirit Airlines.


Uwe Salzer, Senior Vice President of Seating & Product Development at HAECO Americas, highlighted the key weight-saving components that make a sizeable difference in terms of fuel efficiency, adding: “We used pressure mapping technology to look for the best shape for the backrest and cushion combination, in order to provide structure without compromising comfort.”