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HAECO Safety & Quality Champions honoured

The HAECO Group Safety & Quality Recognition Scheme was introduced in 2022, recognising individuals, teams and business entities that have been striving to achieve excellence in people safety and product service quality.


In the scheme’s first half year of operation, HAESL has been named top entity and the proud winner of the HAECO Safety & Quality Excellence Award for an outstanding performance in the areas of both safety and quality.


The Safety & Quality Recognition Award (Team) went to HAECO Composite Services' Non-Destructive Testing & Facility Team for their proactive approach to surveying critical circuits, in order to reduce the risk of electrical fires.


Gerald Shi Jian, a member of the production team at HAECO Engine Services, was given a Safety & Quality Recognition Award (Individual), recognising his work in designing innovative solutions for reducing occupational health and safety risks/hazards.


Finally, Huang Linbin of the HAECO Xiamen Parts Manufacturing Quality team also won a Safety & Quality Recognition Award (Individual) for going above and beyond the call of duty, by travelling long distances over an extended period to one of HAECO Cabin Solutions’ suppliers, in order to support production quality of the seat spar.


HAECO is committed to maintaining and continually improving safety and quality standards and practices. We firmly believe that all injuries are preventable and seek to achieve zero harm in all our activities.