Company Events
Triad Honor Flight

In October, HAECO Americas sponsored five World War II veterans to join nearly 100 others on a Triad Honor Flight to Washington D.C. to see memorials and monuments built in their honour.


Colleagues took part as volunteers at the airport for the event, getting the vets checked in for the flight, and doing crowd control. The Vet Team also helped to organise the writing of letters of gratitude to the veterans for their sacrifice and service to their country. More than 100 letters penned by HAECO Americas employees were handed out on the return flight to Greensboro, stoking a myriad of emotions from the veterans, who were touched by the love expressed.


Talent Acquisition Manager, Clarissa Cark remarked: “As a member of the Vet Team here at HAECO in Greensboro, NC, it was an honour and privilege to support the Triad Honor Flight again this year. This event is very near and dear to the Vet Team and the HAECO family. We appreciate the service of all veterans. Thanks to all our employees who wrote special notes to the veterans on this year’s flight and a huge thanks to HAECO for sponsoring veterans to take the trip. We look forward to supporting this event in years to come.”