Sustainable Development
Working together for sustainable development

Sustainable Development and minimising the environmental impact of our operations are at the heart of the HAECO Group’s business strategy. HAECO Landing Gear Services and partner, Henkel Adhesive Technologies, have recently got together to share knowledge and experience, exchange company visits and deploy environmentally friendly products from Henkel at HAECO Landing Gear Service’s Xiamen facility.


“Our unique partnership with Henkel is taking us to higher levels of environmental and technical performance,” said Christian Pinter, Director and General Manager of HAECO Landing Gear Services. “Both partners have identified genuine interest in going beyond a supplier-customer relationship.”


“Sustainability is the essential factor for Henkel‘s aerospace business,” said Patric Scheidner, Corporate Vice President Global Head of Aviation, Space, Rail at Henkel. “Our solutions support HAECO Landing Gear Services to achieve HAECO Group’s sustainability targets. By partnering for a sustainable future, we achieve a win-win outcome.”