Inventory Technical Management
Perfect 10 for HAECO ITM

HAECO ITM is celebrating a decade of service excellence this year. An unforgettable get-together was organised for its employees on 18 November 2022. Over 70 employees attended and spent an afternoon reminiscing its start-up days, including 16 of whom joined the company from Day 1.


Manho Tang was one of the original start-up crew and is very proud of how ITM has grown from a small department in HAECO Hong Kong to a JV-setup with around 100 staff.


“I was lucky enough to have opportunities to change roles a few times within ITM, including Commercial, Repair Management and Customer Support. We support each other well, which resulted in some great achievements, like the quick and effective reaction to COVID and accolades of appreciation from our customers,” said Manho. Although the foreseeable road ahead would remain tough and uncertain, Manho believes there is light at the end of the tunnel. “Our team will definitely stay strong and healthy together and be well prepared for the industry rebound,” he added.


In appreciation to Manho and others who have stuck with ITM through thick and thin, each were presented with a personalised memento by William Arblaster, Executive General Manager of HAECO ITM, who praised them for their hard work over the decade.


"This is an incredible milestone for HAECO ITM. None this success would be achieved without the hard work, passion, and dedication of our people. Our attention to quality and ongoing development, together with employing technological innovation in our processes has allowed us to adapt for the future. We have dedicated ourselves to 10 years of product innovation and business improvement, delivering the highest quality solutions and services to our customers,” he added.


To mark this special milestone, all employees brought home an exclusive 10th anniversary HAECO ITM model airplane.