Here’s to a fulfilling retirement

Patrick Wong recently retired after a successful career spanning four decades, including 24 years at HAECO Hong Kong. At his retirement dinner, Patrick reflected on his aviation journey, from a trainee to a licensed aircraft engineer in line maintenance and gaining vast exposure to different functions of airline engineering at Cathay Pacific. He returned to HAECO Hong Kong in 2013 as Executive General Manager. Over the past 40 years, Patrick has also witnessed Hong Kong International Airport's transformation into one of the best in the world, and watched his team become stronger and more resilient, while overcoming challenges such as 9/11, SARS, and COVID.


“I look back on my time at HAECO Hong Kong with a great sense of satisfaction and gratitude. I have had a wonderful experience working alongside my incredible team, who provided me with unwavering support throughout my career. Their dedication and hard work have brought joy and fulfilment, and I will cherish the many successful projects we accomplished together. These are the moments that will stay with me forever," said Patrick. "I hope the old “Kai Tak spirit” of being a family can continue in the aviation industry. People are its greatest asset, and I know my former colleagues can build a stronger team through perseverance, having fun, being open and understanding, building relationships, and trusting each other. Even small steps, little things, or little ideas can make a significant difference. Let's continue working together and supporting each other to achieve great things.”