Cabin Solutions
New premium cabin experience

HAECO Cabin Solutions and Diehl Aviation unveiled a new premium cabin concept for single-aisle aircraft at this year’s Aircraft Interior Expo in Hamburg in June. The new solution, which aims to provide optimal passenger comfort as well as increasing airline yields, features an asymmetric cabin layout with Eclipse Staggered Seats that can be configured in either five-abreast or four-abreast rows. Unlike traditional recliner premium cabins, this concept allows an additional seat per row in the same amount of space, while ensuring passenger comfort and privacy. The seats in the five-abreast configuration are slightly staggered, which reduces passengers’ shoulder-to-shoulder contact with their immediate neighbours and improves overall comfort. The seats are also enclosed within a fixed backrest ‘shell’, allowing for a cradling incline motion that doesn’t interfere with the passenger in the row behind.


The unique cabin concept also includes high-end components from Diehl Aviation, including state-of-the-art cabin lighting, ECO lightweight partitions, and enlarged luggage bins, which provide additional overhead space. Despite the asymmetric seat configuration and larger bins, there is no reduction in the amount of aisle space. The modification kit is designed for easy retrofitting and is tailored to re-use the maximum number of parts from the existing cabin.