Company Events
Celebrating 30 years of success at HAECO Xiamen

HAECO Xiamen recently celebrated its 30th anniversary with a special hangar ceremony and dinner banquet that welcomed over 300 guests, including representatives from numerous airline customers. It was a fantastic opportunity to reflect on the milestones achieved over the past three decades and to receive many words of gratitude and support from attendees.


HAECO Xiamen has accomplished numerous milestones throughout its 30-year history, including conducting over 4,000 heavy checks and re-delivering over 90 converted freighters in airframe services. The company provides line services to more than 100 airlines in 17 stations across the Chinese Mainland and has been awarded over 4,000 parts from Boeing, Tier 1 suppliers, and OEMs in parts manufacturing. Its training centre has trained over 2,200 aircraft maintenance engineers and conducted 400,000 courses. These achievements demonstrate the company's commitment to providing one-stop MRO services that support its customers worldwide.


In 1993, HAECO Group partnered with aviation partners to establish a MRO facility in Xiamen, China, transforming a duck pond adjacent to Xiamen’s International Airport into a leading MRO hub in the Chinese Mainland. Today, HAECO Xiamen operates six hangars for both wide-body and narrow-body aircraft and offers technical training and parts manufacturing services in addition to traditional MRO services.


Looking ahead, HAECO Xiamen is excited about the opportunities ahead and committed to enhancing its operational efficiency and customer service through continuous improvement programs. Richard Sell, Chief Executive Officer of HAECO Group said: “We remain committed to enhancing our operational efficiency and customer service through continuous improvement programmes. Additionally, we are investing in a new maintenance facility at the new Xiamen airport, which will set new standards in innovation, sustainability, and operational excellence. We believe that these investments will enable us to better serve our customers and position ourselves as a leader in the industry.”


The 30th anniversary celebrations were a resounding success, reflecting the company's commitment to excellence and its achievements. With its extensive experience and innovative approach, HAECO Xiamen is poised for even greater success in the years to come.