Line Maintenance
Ramping up capacity as visitors return to Hong Kong

After almost three years of uncertainty and unprecedented COVID-19 restrictions, Hong Kong International Airport has opened to the world again. HAECO Hong Kong is proud to be playing a key role in facilitating the swift return of air traffic. In the second quarter of this year, the company's line maintenance team achieved a 17% increase in activity, compared with the first quarter of the year. This is still 35% behind 2019, but the trend remains positive.


HAECO is committed to supporting the recovery and maintaining the highest safety and quality standard to support our airline customers and Hong Kong’s economic recovery. At the same time, the aviation community in Hong Kong is facing a shortage of local labour. HAECO Hong Kong has been intensifying its efforts to retain and recruit in support of the aviation community.


"Our teams work closely with our customers and the authorities to uphold the highest safety and quality standards, ensuring a smooth airline operation and steady ramp-up. A special thanks goes out to our teams, working hard to satisfy our customers.” said HAECO Hong Kong CEO, Benjamin Scheidel. “Regardless of the challenges we face amid the long-awaited rebound, HAECO Hong Kong will continue to be a great team player in the aviation community as the city welcomes more visitors."