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Introducing the 2023 HAECO Group Graduate Trainees

It's time to pass the torch to the new generation as we welcome talented young individuals to the HAECO Group Graduate Trainee Programme. This highly structured training initiative aims to nurture our next generation of leaders in the aviation sector. Our graduate trainees, hailing from diverse backgrounds, will embark on a well-rounded journey, rotating through various functions of our business. They will have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of experienced trainees, leveraging their experiences as a reference for their own career development. We believe that these bright talents will grow stronger and become highly capable professionals in the aviation field.


Let's delve into the aspirations of our HAECO graduate trainees:


Sahil Kunder, a Graduate Trainee at HAECO ITM, shares his excitement, "My passion for aviation developed during my undergraduate studies in aeronautical engineering. While I possess extensive technical knowledge in the aviation industry, I wanted to delve deeper into the operations and services of an MRO. This programme is the perfect choice as a career starter in aviation, offering a balance of education and enjoyment. I am thrilled to apply my technical expertise and contribute to HAECO's mission goals."


Yisheng Xu, currently working at HAECO Xiamen, expresses her enthusiasm for the programme, stating, "The greatest aspect of this trainee programme is the opportunity to explore different career options. Over the next three years, I will rotate across departments in three entities, allowing me to gain a comprehensive understanding of the MRO industry. Through diverse projects, I will learn how each department contributes to the organization and how businesses are run. I am excited to work in a leading MRO hub in mainland China and learn from experienced professionals."


Ka'Lea Suber, who joined HAECO Americas in June, dreams of becoming a leader and shares her thoughts, "During my senior year in college, I applied for numerous jobs with different companies, but none compared to the HAECO programme. By joining this position, I knew I would have the opportunity to delve deeper into the aviation industry and gain insights into all aspects of the business. HAECO's rotational programme allows me to acquire valuable hands-on experience and learn from senior leaders in different departments. This enables me to discover the department where I can make the greatest impact and find the best fit for my career. Knowing that HAECO prioritizes the long-term growth and development of its employees made it clear that this is the perfect place for me to start my career."


We are excited to witness the growth and success of our 2023 HAECO Group Graduate Trainees as they embark on this enriching journey, shaping the future of the aviation industry.