Component Services
Cutting-edge 3D printing technology

HAECO Xiamen takes pride in its state-of-the-art 3D printing centre, which harnesses advanced 3D scanning technology and high-performance printers to establish our facility as a frontrunner in the additive manufacturing field.


Our skilled team at HAECO Xiamen has seamlessly integrated over 500 3D-printed components into our daily operations, showcasing the remarkable versatility of this technology. From support tooling and safety protective devices for maintenance to ongoing research in engineering design and certification for optimizing and replacing future cabin interior parts, our 3D printing capabilities in Xiamen encompass a wide spectrum of applications.


The implementation of this cutting-edge technology revolutionizes industry efficiency, precision, and quality. HAECO Xiamen remains committed to surpassing operational excellence and delivering exceptional outcomes. The establishment of our 3D printing center stands as a testament to HAECO's unwavering dedication to innovation and our relentless focus on customer satisfaction.