Sustainable Development
Connecting women workers with senior management

We take great pride in the establishment of the HAECO Women's Network (HWN), a vibrant community that fosters connection among our female staff members. The HWN serves as a platform for fostering opportunities for connection, support, and personal and professional development, with a mission to enrich and inspire our members by boosting their confidence and self-esteem.


To bring this mission to life, the HWN organized a session featuring one of our esteemed female senior management members from the Group Leadership Team. Sandra Nieuwenhuijzen, our HAECO Group Director for Components and Engine Services, graciously shared her career journey and management philosophy during the session. Her inspiring words and experiences deeply resonated with all attendees, reaffirming our belief in the unlimited potential and girl power within each of us.


An interactive discussion followed the session, where women from various positions within HAECO had the valuable opportunity to engage directly with Sandra. From frontline mechanics to back-office professionals, all participant’s ideas and perspectives were highly valued and encouraged.


Carrie Lau, Co-Chair of the HAECO Women's Network, emphasized the significance of the workshop in fostering a sense of belonging and boosting staff morale. "Together with Sandra, we aim to cultivate a culture of collaboration where every voice matters. This workshop exemplifies our commitment to embracing diverse perspectives and experiences. By nurturing an environment that values every individual, we are dedicated to fostering unity within the HAECO family,” she added.