Dynamic female engineer on HKIA’s 25th anniversary radio show

One of our accomplished female engineers at HAECO Hong Kong recently took part in a live radio show at the airport. Organised as part of the festivities commemorating the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong International Airport, Vivian Li, joined the stage with renowned local celebrity Alfred Hui and popular radio host Tse Sai Ka to share her work experience with a captivating audience.


Vivian, who joined the HAECO team five years ago, enthused about her enduring passion for continuous learning in her role. "There is still so much for me to discover. The aircraft is a marvel of engineering, offering boundless opportunities for exploration. Additionally, the diverse range of aircraft issues we encounter daily ensures that there is never a dull moment at work,” she added.


HAECO congratulates HKIA on its 25th anniversary and is proud to be an integral part of the thriving Hong Kong airport community, keeping our skies safe for travellers around the world.