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Pink Friday at HAECO: Celebrating diversity and inclusion

HAECO is committed to fostering an inclusive workplace that values diversity. Regardless of gender, race, age, ability, or sexual orientation, we are always striving to strengthen our inclusive culture by giving everyone an equal opportunity to succeed.


On 10 November, we proudly celebrated Pink Friday, joining hands with 113 organisations across different industries. The event provided a powerful platform for over 400 employees in Hong Kong to come together and show their support for LGBT+ inclusion. Staff members were encouraged to dress in pink, symbolising solidarity and acceptance as they celebrated this special day with the vibrant LGBT+ community.


Our LGBT+ Network took great care in making Pink Friday an unforgettable experience for our colleagues by initiating games and conversations to increase our awareness of LGBT+ issues. In addition to decorating the room with rainbow flags and pink balloons to create a positive ambience, our staff were delighted by a variety of pink treats such as gifts and snacks, while they captured special ‘pink moments’ with photo props to share with their friends and colleagues.


“Pink Friday is one the core events of LGBT+ Network, where we stand together to honour and uplift the vibrant spirit of the LGBT+ community. Together, we can create a world that celebrates diversity and fosters a sense of belonging for all,” exclaimed Kibby Chan, Chairperson of LGBT+ Network.


By joining forces with organisations from different sectors, HAECO's LGBT+ Network was able to spread the message of inclusivity to a wider audience, thus demonstrating the power of collective action and our commitment to fostering a more diverse and accepting society.