Component Services
License agreement for C919 evacuation slide with Safran Aerosystems

In October, HAECO successfully entered into a groundbreaking agreement with Safran Aerosystems for the maintenance of the C919 evaluation slide. The fleet has garnered significant attention in the Asia Pacific region, especially the Chinese Mainland.


As part of this significant collaboration, HAECO’s Component Repair and Overhaul (CRO) will be authorised to develop our own repair capability for the slide. This signifies HAECO’s commitment to expanding our expertise in providing comprehensive maintenance service for this critical safety component.


To ensure the agreement’s success, Safran Aerosystems will extend its support to HAECO by providing assistance including the supply of spare parts, the sale of specialised tooling and test equipment, as well as comprehensive training and technical documentation.


"We are very pleased to partner with Safran Aerosystems and to secure this license agreement for the C919 evacuation slide," said Sandra Nieuwenhuijzen, Group Director of Component and Engine Services at HAECO. "This collaboration signifies a significant milestone for HAECO and showcases our dedication to expanding our capabilities in line with the evolving needs of the aviation market. We are proud to be at the forefront of innovation and look forward to delivering exceptional services to our customers.”


This new collaboration with Safran Aerosystems will further strengthen HAECO’s position as a leading MRO provider in the region, as we continue our commitment in providing exception MRO services to the industry.