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HAECO finds D&I power in intergeneration bonds  

Mid-Autumn is a time for heartwarming reunions and strengthening intergeneration bonds. In this spirit, HAECO Diversity & Inclusion networks partnered with the Salvation Army to organise two special events for children and senior citizens on 22 and 23 September. The events were joined by colleagues from diverse backgrounds, showing HAECO’s united commitment to serving the community.


On the first day, we invited children with SEN (Special Educational Needs) and their caretakers to join a Mosaic Lamp DIY Workshop. Together, we embarked on a creative journey as the children designed and crafted their own mosaic lamps, and celebrated their creative talents in a delightful atmosphere of joy and laughter. Through their participation, our colleagues deepened their connection with the SEN community and appreciated the value of an inclusive atmosphere.


The next day, our colleagues took on the mission to spread Mid-Autumn cheer by visiting a senior citizen’s home. To show our care and compassion, we actively engaged them in meaningful conversations, shared stories, and provided companionship. The visit had an uplifting effect on both visitors and visitees, reminding us all of the remarkable power of human connection.


In appreciation to the Salvation Army for their support and long-standing efforts, HAECO Hong Kong also donated HKD20,000 to their operations.


HAECO is proud of our colleagues’ dedication to making a positive difference in the community. Their diverse backgrounds and perspectives not only enriched the experiences of everyone involved, but also strengthened our Diversity & Inclusion culture by fostering a sense of unity. May we continue to spread the spirit of inclusivity, community engagement and compassion in all aspects of our life and work.