Base Maintenance
New GE90 engine overhaul contracts from the Middle East

HAECO, a globally recognized provider of comprehensive aircraft solutions, has recently achieved a significant milestone by securing new engine overhaul contracts for GE90 engines from the Middle East. The contracts were awarded based on HAECO's exceptional service and performance, particularly highlighted by a successful engine change operation performed in Hong Kong.


In February, Turkmenistan Airlines made a special trip to Hong Kong with their Boeing 777-300ER for an engine change, and HAECO was chosen as the sole service provider for this critical task. The engine change was executed flawlessly by HAECO's skilled technicians in Hong Kong. Following the engine change, the GE90 engine was transported from Hong Kong to HAECO Engine Services in Xiamen, where the comprehensive overhaul was conducted.


Highly impressed with the exceptional quality and efficiency of the GE90 engine overhaul performed by teams in Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland, Turkmenistan Airlines has awarded three additional engines to HAECO. This recognition not only underscores HAECO's unparalleled engine services but also highlights the company's ability to collaborate seamlessly across teams and locations, ensuring a superior experience for its valued customers.