Line Maintenance
HAECO Line Maintenance Overseas Customer Group (LMOCG): Your 24/7 AOG Support

Based in Hong Kong, HAECO's Line Maintenance Overseas Customer Group (LMOCG) offers a comprehensive range of services, including pre-input preparation, post-dock handling, transit handling operations, routine maintenance, and AOG (Aircraft-on-Ground) recovery services. Our LMOCG comprises four dedicated teams working round the clock, ensuring that we are well-prepared to address various troubleshooting tasks promptly and efficiently so we can return the aircraft to service swiftly after encountering technical issues.


Since 2019, our LMOCG has successfully provided AOG support at airports in Jakarta, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Narita, Dhaka, Sydney, and Incheon. Our team of experts provides tailored recommendations and technical advice to meet the specific needs of each customer. Our specialized 24/7 team consists of A&E (Cat B1) and Avionic (Cat B2) technicians who possess the expertise to maintain all aircraft types and comply with airworthiness requirements.


As an example of our AOG support capabilities, LMOCG recently dispatched a team of experienced mechanics to Incheon Airport in Korea to perform a Trent 700 engine change. Our team engaged in several meetings with the customer to discuss tooling, equipment, manpower requirements and maintenance schedules, and conducted technical assessments of the aircraft's status. Thanks to our open communication and trusted relationship with the customer, the task was executed smoothly and efficiently.


With our extensive experience in handling complex maintenance issues, HAECO LMOCG offers timely and customized support for any technical challenge, instilling confidence in our customers. Leveraging our accumulated experience and established relationships, we are dedicated to delivering quality and value to our esteemed customers worldwide.