Engine Services
Remarkable triple ‘8’ achievement for GE engine output

In 2008, HAECO established an engine services facility in Xiamen, specialising in comprehensive overhaul, testing, and component repair services for GE90 series engines. Recently, our dedicated team reached an extraordinary milestone by successfully completing the 888th GE engine output. To celebrate this remarkable achievement, over 500 staff members gathered to form the numbers '888' in a stunning aerial photograph, showcasing our exceptional teamwork and the fortunate significance of this momentous feat.


HAECO holds the distinction of being an authorised GE90 Service Provider and the GE90 Center of Excellence. Additionally, we are the sole holder of a GE90 GE Branded Service Agreement (GBSA), granting us privileged access to GE Aviation's inventory and resources. This prestigious status, combined with our specialised expertise, ensures that our work consistently adheres to the highest industry standards.