Engine Services
HAESL Celebrates a Milestone Output Year

Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Limited (HAESL) had an extraordinary year in 2023, surpassing previous records and reaching significant milestones. Since its establishment in 1997, HAESL has successfully overhauled over 5,000 Rolls Royce engines for more than 50 airline operators. Notably, the company achieved a remarkable annual throughput of 301 shop visits, showcasing remarkable growth over its 26-year history.


With its renowned world-class facility in Hong Kong specializing in the overhaul, repair, and testing of Trent 700, Trent 800, and Trent XWB engines, HAESL is continuously expanding its workforce and capabilities. The team is eagerly anticipating another year of groundbreaking accomplishments as they strive to achieve a new pinnacle of 360 engines output in 2025.


“At HAESL, our unwavering commitment to excellence has propelled us to new heights. With over 5,000 engines successfully overhauled and a record-breaking year in 2023, we are poised for even greater achievements. As we expand our capabilities and team, we look forward to a future filled with exciting opportunities, delivering unparalleled service to our valued customers,” said Francis Kwei, General Manager Commercial & Materials Management of HAESL.