Technical Training
HAECO Expands Training Capabilities with Boeing 737 Aircraft

HAECO's training academy in Xiamen recently welcomed a new addition to its fleet, a Boeing 737 aircraft. This latest enhancement significantly strengthens our training capabilities, allowing us to cater to a wide range of learning needs, including cabin repair, engine overhaul, landing gear maintenance, fuel tank servicing, and advanced technological systems.


The introduction of this aircraft marks a pivotal milestone in the expansion of our CCAR-147 training programs. With this development, we are now equipped to deliver top-notch training that meets the rigorous demands of HAECO and the broader aviation industry.


Since becoming a CAAC-approved training organisation in 2006, our Xiamen academy has achieved remarkable milestones. We have successfully administered over 10,000 CCAR-66 license examinations and provided comprehensive training to 320,000 attendees. HAECO is dedicated to fostering the growth of passionate aviation talents from all corners of the globe, as we continue to provide extensive training services to airlines, MROs, civil aviation institutions, and beyond.