Sustainable Development
HAECO wins double accolades for being an inclusive employer

HAECO’s continuous efforts in fostering a diverse and inclusive (D&I) workplace and culture were recognised as our team was presented with two accolades at the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management (HKIHRM) Awards 2023/2024. 


The first award, the Grand Award for Diversity and Inclusion, recognises our comprehensive approach to building a diverse and inclusive workforce. HAECO has six D&I networks celebrating the values of different genders, races, ages, abilities and sexual orientations, fostering a sense of belonging for our staff while providing an inclusive place for employees from different backgrounds to thrive. 


We also received the Elite Award for Disability-Friendly Employment, which recognises our commitment to breaking down barriers in the workplace. It is a great testament to our dedication in creating a safe and nurturing environment where everyone is empowered to perform up to their full potential. 


HAECO is proud to be honoured with these prestigious awards from a well-recognised human resources professional body in Hong Kong. We value the contributions that each employee brings to each area of our operations, and will continue to champion these values as we establish ourselves as a D&I leader in the industry.